Application:GO Switches are a sure shot and long Lasting solution for various kinds of critical Position Sensing applications. These Switches can be relied upon to work efficiently where most of the other equipment fail.


GO Switch is the most versatile sensing solution. It detects like a proximity switch and functions like a limit switch, providing higher reliability when conventional switches fail. GO Switch provides reliable, durable proximity sensing in the most demanding conditions. Using unique technology, GO Switch outperforms all other types of sensors in applications that require high reliability and durability.

Category: Go Switches


  • Superior current rating
  • Superior pressure rating
  • Superior temperature rating
  • Superior hazardous area ratings
  • Superior resistance to physical abuse
  • Superior resistance to corrosives, salt water


  • Patented Technology of Go Switch that offers higher current rating and wiring flexibility
  • Global certifications for use in Zone 0(intrinsically safe), Zone 1 (explosion proof), Zone 2 (non-incentive)Class I,Div 1 & 2, Class II, Div 1 & 2 and Class III hazardous areas
  • Durability in mission-critical applications in extremely hot, cold, wet, dirty, abusive, highly reactive chemicals
  • Can be wired AC or DC, N/O or N/C, in series or parallel with multiple wiring option like lead wires, cables, quick disconnects, etc


  • Minimizes / Eliminates electrical problems common to inductive proximity sensors
  • Voltage fluctuations, Electrical current drop ages are reduced
  • Flexibility to cover a variety of application needs with fewer parts
  • Performance is not affected by dust, dirt, moisture, or most caustics, corrosives, or chemicals
  • Easy installation and seamless integration into your existing plant wiring standards